Our 365-Day Money Back Guarantee


We will gladly refund 100% of your purchase if our product does not improve your quality of life. We pride ourselves in our product and loyalty to our customers. To qualify for the refund, you must consume the entire jar while documenting your consumption and the effects you experience. You must take short, 30+ second video reviews every day until you consume the entire jar. They must be date-stamped videos with meta-data intact.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to document my experience every day?

Yes.  You will experience the best results when taking Pür Shilajit™ every day, so it is best if you do so in order to give us an accurate review.  Give us a short summary of how Pür Shilajit™ made you feel that day while speaking into your camera with the opened jar in plain sight.

Why do I have to take daily videos with Metadata? What is Metadata?

Documenting your daily experience via video is the only way we will be able to confirm you consumed your entire jar.  While we are completely confident our resin will improve your quality of life, we will need to verify that you have consumed the entire jar before issuing you a refund.  Metadata is data naturally attached to your phone’s photos.  It includes the date & time videos are taken, which we will use to connect to your Pür Shilajit™ reviews.

How fast will you issue a refund?

As soon as you forward us your videos via email.  Please send them to [email protected]