Pür Shilajit 100g Jar Pür Shilajit
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100g Jar Pür Shilajit


Pür Shilajit is consciously gathered in the most pristine regions of the Altai Mountains that are teeming with a rich biodiversity of medicinal plant species.

Suggested Dose

Adults: 0.5 – 1.0 grams per day

Athletes: 1- 2 grams per day

Children: 0.25 grams per day

Plants: 0.1 gram per gallon of water every 1-3 weeks


Scoop out your desired dose using the bamboo scooper, and roll it into a ball and swallow like food – or dissolve your desired dose in any beverage of choice.  We recommend dissolving Pür Shilajit into a traditional Ayurvedic beverage called Golden Milk every morning with breakfast.

Plant Applications

Root Drenches – Dissolve 0.1 grams of Pür Shilajit per gallon of water.  Drench once every 2-3 weeks from seed until harvest.

Foliar Sprays – Dissolve 0.1 grams of Pür Shilajit per gallon of water.  Foliar spray once every week from seed until harvest.

* If cultivating resin-bearing plants, cease foliar spraying once flowering begins


  • Each batch is individually numbered and connected to lab results found in our public data base
  • Each batch is tested by independent U.S. 3rd party labs
  • Meets California Proposition 65 Standards
  • Certified Vegan by


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