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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to receive my purchased item(s)?

You can expect a deliver time of 3-5 business days after purchase. Tracking information from the carrier may not be immediately available.  Please make note certain items may be on back order due to high demand.  Item availability can be found in each item’s product description.

Do you ship to all 50 states?

Yes! We ship to all 50 states. Shilajit is 100% legal worldwide and has absolutely no psychoactive properties.

Do you have lab results for your product?

Absolutely. At the bottom of the homepage of our website you’ll find 3rd party lab results that are connected to each box’s specific batch number. We pride ourselves in safety & transparency.

How many servings does 15 grams make?

15 grams makes 30 servings for adults (500mg daily), 150 servings for children (100mg daily), and 75 gallons of solution (200mg per gallon) for plants.

How many servings does 100 grams make?

100 grams makes 200 servings for adults (500mg daily), 1,000 servings for children (100mg daily), and 500 gallons of solution (200mg per gallon) for plants.

How do you consume this product?

Simply dissolve our Shilajit into any beverage of choice at your recommended rate 1-2x daily.

I’m having trouble getting the inner seal off of my jar, what can I do?

Since Shilajit loses viscosity when heated, try heating it up with a blow dryer or running it the jar under hot water for a few minutes to loosen the consistency of the resin.

Do you offer an affiliate program?


Our affiliate program is very rewarding and unlike any other out there. We offer affiliates a generous 20% commission for every sale they make, as well as an additional 10% commission of every sale anyone their sub-affiliates make. Click here to learn more and sign up!

How is Shilajit created? Where does it come from?

Shilajit is a rare plant-based mineral that is formed through the creation of select mountain ranges in Southern Europe that were formed due to the plate shift India caused after crashing into Asia many years ago. This plate shift continues today, and traps an immense volume of plant biomass between layers of rock, where they biodegrade via fermentation over hundreds of years before oozing out of the cracks of the mountain. Every summer, the rocks warm, Shilajit becomes less viscous and oozes out of the mountains. From here, we consciously collect it and prepare it for purification.  We never mine for our Shilajit.